What Age Should Makeup Be Allowed? 2

What Age Should Makeup Be Allowed?

It depends. Young children obviously should not be wearing a lot of makeup every day, but I think it’s fine for them to have fun with it every once in a while, like Mouseykins said. Young ladies start to get older (around 10-11 years old Once, I assume?) they could start wearing it and/or experimenting with it a bit, but it should still place off the ‘full face of make-up’ thing until they’re older. I’m 17 and do not really placed on makeup that often besides mascara once in a blue moon for celebrations/social events/etc so take what I’m stating with a grain of salt.

That’s a different one of my issues with makeup, actually: the theory you need to look beautiful and that your worth depends upon your looks. Society and the mass media preach the notion that if you’re not just a beautiful woman that individuals will want, then what are you? Imo, we place too much importance on “many people are beautiful!”. I believe it should be more “your well worth is not described by how attractive you are to others”, which makes sense. If you are around that young teen age, or if you have a girl/sister/etc around that age group, and want to wear makeup, it’s absolutely your choice. I’m not shaming or disagreeing with anyone who loves to wear makeup at a young age group – my issue has been the social objectives surrounding the make-up, not those who prefer to wear make-up.

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The cream is a bit thick but amazingly, it’s easy to apply & it’s not oily. Initially, I thought that since it’s thicker than the other moisturizers I’ve used, there would be a little of pulling of the skin just so I can spread the cream evenly to my face. But, it spreads out easily & effortlessly. Second thing I love with the product is it goes well with my makeup. I guess it’s because it’s not greasy.

Lastly, and which is the most crucial thing of most, this product did reduces appearance of dark areas. Not though dramatically, a tiny bit just. But hey, with the price tag on the product, tiny improvement has already been beyond expectation! How can I say it worked? Well, I’m not noticing my dark spots anymore. After all, it’s still there but not that noticeable anymore.

Again, love the smell of lemon. From that Apart, I also like the micro-beads (as what they call it). I’ve tried other scrubs before & it kinda hurts when I wash my face or I can sense the beads. I assume that also added to dullness & dryness of my pores and skin. The Garnier scrub though feels so soft in your skin, it makes washing my face enjoyable.

Sometimes I even use it in the attention area if I ignore to use make-up remover first. I don’t be concerned though coz I feel it’s so soft – but again, I’m careful & would just scrub very gently on the eye area. It’s not a problem too if I’m in a rush as it rinses quickly. I cannot say though that it is a brightening or lightening product of my colors the same regardless if I’m using all Garnier products for now. But also for this scrub, nothing negative to state. Again, hope you find my review useful. Feel free to leave your remarks!