What Is Beauty?

This is, ultimately, a question that carries both advantages and disadvantages. We reside in a society that is collectively run down and empowered by preconceived notions of beauty. Those who fit the descriptions. Beauty is a subjective term that can’t be applied to any kind of being or look. The media tells us that to be able to have worth in oneself, you must abide by the rules and discover yourself physically appealing by the rules they’ve set.

Conformity breeds this rigid guide that subsequently, tears down more people than it seeks to please. When you deviate from typical, it could be seen as almost a dangerous work. Where do you go to if you look differently than those everyone considered beautiful? How much does comfort play in the intertwining nature that is the race to youthful vibrancy? Artists have sought to find new types of beauty through differing styles.

Where one individual may love the visual of pointillism, another could only start to see the purpose of conversation to be for the Romantic era. A couple of over seven billion people with this Earth, each one with unique preferences and appreciations which have yet to be found out because of the fear to break out from the jobs of society. Is conforming for beauty inherently a bad thing then? Should we condemn those who continue the lines of what we’ve all been subjected to?

Makeup is topic of heated controversy in regards to whether some consider it artwork or an psychological crutch to cope with an “unfavorable” look. In the rawest of answers, it can very much be both. Makeup is an art form that changes how exactly we look at ourselves and what type of individuals we are.

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The amazing ability that those who find their interest in makeup behold is just about astounding. Blending and shaping and coordinating colors and tones and hues is artwork. Perfecting straight lines and meticulously placing eyelashes on a small strip of skin is a feat that few have the patience for. There is, however, the dark part of makeup that causes others to rely too seriously on it in order to see themselves as attractive or worthy of the attention they give themselves. So what is beauty?

Choice is beauty. Laughter and happiness and self-acceptance is beauty. Having the ability to look back on your daily life and realizing that you did things with regard to your own peace of mind and not for just about any one else’s misguided judgement. Understanding that you are worth the global world and every positive thing it offers.

Even if beauty is not the goal, comfort creates inner beauty which makes life worthy of living to the fullest potential imaginable. I hope that each generational reincarnation can turn into strong and tall and see everything about themselves and their choices to be beautiful. Being alive and taking control you will ever have is beautiful.