Ancient Egypt (Exploring The Nile Civilization) 2

Ancient Egypt (Exploring The Nile Civilization)

The ancient race of the Nile demonstrated a civilization that was before their times in creativity concerning every part of life. The incomprehensible culture of the Egyptians displayed their knowledge through so many art forms which have become a way to obtain inspiration for today’s world. This article explores the ideas of beauty and fashion in the historic race of Egypt. The idea of beauty and fashion through Egyptian period was a fundamental element of their daily lives; the basic notion of looking good prevailed like many historic civilizations. The exotic blend of materials and color, forms and motifs took ancient race of the Egyptians to extreme heights of style and fashion for their times.

The understanding of their limited resources could never become a hindrance to making of masterpieces of quality. Their idea of outfits and fashion got a solid binding using their spiritual beliefs. The dry and sunny weather conditions restricted Egyptians to experiment much and restricted them to adopt styles that helped them stay comfortable.

The selection of materials signify the perfect selection depicting their knowledge of understanding environment conditions and adopting that which was the best to allow them to endure with style. Egyptian people were worried about their appearance; they opted for whatever could make them look attractive. The first Egyptians believed the large quantity of hair in certain areas of the body to be the sign of impurity and uncleanness, men seldom used more than a mustache or a goatee. Most of the men preferred their faces to be clean. Many a men shaved their mind and used a wig; most of them opted this for religious ceremonial purposes primarily.

Women also adopted the same belief but their principal concern was to look good and attractive. People both of the competition used creams and oils to protect their epidermis from the dried out weather and also to kill the smell as it was considered unholy. These oils and creams were of such importance that at times the employees often accepted them because of their wages.

The Egyptians found out the artwork of using milk and honey regularly as they thought in those historic times that it could make their epidermis clean and silky. Facial masks, made from ant eggs and face paints were sometimes used to unclog skin pores and balance out the overall skin tones. Butter and barley combined was used to treat acne and rashes jointly.

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The removal of heavy makeup was done through the use of a mixture of chalk and natural oils. Through the entire Egyptian age natural oils created from scented woods and blooms mixed with excess fat or natural oils were rubbed not and then smell nice but also as a security shield against the dried out weather. These oils also served as yet another beauty improvement for spiritual ceremonies, celebrations and feasts by the wealthy Egyptian upper class.

Egyptian queens and upper class Women thoroughly used heavy eyes makeup usually in gold, indigo blue, black and green color to enhance the beauty combined with the high headdress which usually were scented with natural oils and embellished with jewel. Bathing practice was one of the key rituals completed daily at the river with a thought of cleansing.

The wealthy Egyptians carried out this ritual in a separate room, servant poured water on masters. Cleansing lotions made out from lime, natural oils and perfumes were used through the shower. Egyptians loved ornaments; jewelry was used in daily life throughout the Pharaonic era until the Roman times, all types of jewelry including necklaces, rings, anklets, and bracelets were popular fashion accessories.