Open Source Strategies

Commercial software is similar to residing in a accommodation. The software supplier is similar to a hotel operator. You are given by them with a set of services, and they are paid by you. If things break, you call them. There’s a certain predictability to it. Over the downside, your ability to customize is limited. It may also not be there for you always, an event we’ve all experienced when our favorite hotel has closed or been sold to new owners. Open source software is like living in your home.

You have a lot of control over it. You are able to virtually make it do whatever you want (within legal limits, of course.) Your alternatives are more open up. With your own home and with open source software, there’s a complete spectrum of service possibilities, from doing it yourself to hiring companies to everything in between. When are hotels and commercial software right? 2. You are happy with the price they charge for his or her services.

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When is open source software right? Just like a home or its mobile cousin, the RV, open up source software attracts two distinct groups of people. One group wants it for the low cost and do not mind either foregoing some features or carrying out work themselves. For example, touring in an RV will help you to save a complete bundle, if you can do without housekeeping. Similarly, with open source software, you can save well on licensing costs, if you are willing to support it yourself.

Alternatively, you put your own support package deal by doing your research from different vendors jointly. Another combined group has very special needs, and they can’t find or don’t want someone else to look after those needs. Think about movie production trailers and security vehicles–few hotels is often as accommodating. Similarly, open source software allows you to implement custom, unique, or differentiating features better than most commercial alternatives far.

For many organizations designed to use open up source software, this is a far more important reason than lower costs only. Using the emergence of software-as-a-service (SaaS) or application providers (ASP), will the future of software look more like homes and hotels? Will you one day “rent” generic software from SaaS or ASP providers and then use open source software as the foundation for mission critical, differentiating software?

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