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Sometimes if you are in a meeting someone says something amazing, I needed that experience today when someone said ‘We have a unwell body, can we please stop pretending everyone is a physician’. Her point was simple, historically in the business they experienced challenges of people having opinions and critically of decisions being made without data and whose execution success isn’t monitored.

This approach also offers another aspect which relates to comments and problems to recommended practices. The idea here is that Architectural decisions need to be defensible predicated on data, even if as it happens to be wrong that gives you the ability to learn. Proven techniques with justifiable approaches that are measurable against a couple of criteria are what experts should strive to do. Advisors who promote strategies and cannot demonstrate their success and moreover how others have followed their strategy and delivered success should be treated the way a Homeopath is treated by the medical job.

I haven’t any objection to the term that coding is an art not just a science, that it is an innovative endeavor not simply mechanistic. That is fine, but unlike art its success is quantifiable, it works as meaning or it does not either. What I object to is people promoting architectural approaches (or indeed business approaches) which are based on some powerpoints and opinions challenging real support evidence of Homeopathy. These Homeopaths toss in comments predicated on this ignorance and personal ‘perception’ and disrupt progress and love to claim that …