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Are you are marketing expert, do you intend to market your goods or services to Nigerians via digital means at affordable and cheaper cost? This is for you. Digital marketing has today revised that you can market goods and services to your potential focuses on using your mobile devices. There are many tools one can use to get to his/her market.

One of such is email. We have access to more than a million of Nigerian email messages in the database. The database was created to make it easier to copy and send out messages to all or any at once. That is different from email marketing campaign or registering with email marketers where you have to get people to sign up to your email list and as well you might be billed annually. Here, the work has already been done, you will have access to all Nigeria email messages in the database for your marketing campaign.

And the data source is being up to date regular monthly and new email addresses added while non-functional email messages addresses are removed. That is to make sure that your message is delivered to real people. Currently, We can sort out the addresses into different categories (occupation, demography, students, employees, etc) to suit your marketing needs. To have access to the database, the price is N7,000 only. We’ve one million currently, two hundred thousand active Nigerian email addresses in our database. The list can be sorted out relating to demography to meet your …