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Editor’s take note: Seeking Alpha is proud to welcome Richard Durant as a fresh contributor. You can become a Seeking Alpha contributor and make money for your very best investment ideas. Active contributors also get free access to SA Essential. Improvements in food technology along with growing environmental, health insurance, and moral concerns shall drive a common change in consumer behavior regarding proteins intake.

The market for plant-based meats alternatives will grow dramatically in coming decades, led by companies like Beyond Meat (BYND). Beyond Meat is creating a market-leading position using its superior products and strong branding, making them a possibly attractive investment opportunity. I have estimated an intrinsic value for Beyond Meat of 190 USD per share and believe they may be a stylish long-term investment opportunity with an adequate margin of safety if shares can be purchased below 150 USD per share. Beyond Meat is creating a profile of plant-based meat alternatives and desires to change the definition of meats, from determined by source to determined by structure.

They currently offer products which imitate beef (patty, floor-meat), pork (sausage), and poultry (chicken strips) using plant-derived amino acids, lipids, trace minerals, and water. Their products aim to replicate not the taste just; but the texture, aroma, and appearance of meat, extending to mimicking bleeding to being prepared prior. Their initial focus has been on pork and beef alternatives as consumers appear to be more willing to abandon these products for health reasons. In the U.S., 95% of the populace …