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Citadel Securities has added three previous Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs older investment bankers to the hedge account company, at the same time introducing Citadels Investment Banking division. Todd Kaplan became a member of Citadel in March, he will believe the role of Head of Investment Banking for Citadel Securities. Brian Maier joins as Head of Industry Groups and Carl Mayer joins as Head of Leveraged Finance.

The Silver Koala is made by the Perth Mint and it is legal sensitive in Australia. The coins are very cute also, and who wouldn’t want one? But as an investment, they’re not so hot. 6 over the place and this year’s 2009 issues are selling for an identical price. A gold coin like the Silver Koala is a fun one to own and makes a great gift.

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8 on our worst-investments list. Just like the Silver Koala, the Australian Kookaburra is produced by the Perth Mint and it is legal sensitive in Australia. The Kookaburra has one unique differentiation: it’s the only legal-tender coin to change its design yearly. Kookaburras have been minted since 1965; the year that U ironically.S. 6 over the spot, just like Koalas. These are attractive coins, too, and make a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.

So why are they positioned below the Koalas? Because market demand for cute Koala coins is greater than demand for Kookaburras significantly. Exactly what is a Kookaburra anyway? 3 discount to the new issues. Thus, Kookaburras, despite their rarity and legal-tender status, most can lose non-silver value very quickly certainly.

Now if Silver Koalas are adorable, what of these Silver Chinese Pandas? Even the most cold-hearted silver insect would be ready to pay a reasonably hefty premium for just one of these-one being the operative word. Pandas, regardless of how cute, aren’t good investments to be bought in mass. 18 above spot-that’s two times the value of the gold coin’s silver content almost.

Pandas minted 2004 through 2008 range anywhere from a money more valuable than the 2009s to many dollars less valuable. Some particular years, like 2003, have appreciated greatly, but it’s a matter of speculation concerning which issues can be more valuable down the road. As investments, Silver Chinese Pandas rank among the most severe new coins open to buy.

Silver Lunars are yet another set of Perth-minted cash that are legal sensitive in Australia. What’s unique about Lunars is that their designs coincide with China’s ancient lunar calendar. 1.6 times the spots. If you buy Silver Lunars, you must be ready for the known reality that they could lose non-silver value fairly quickly.

Silver Britannias are produced by the U.K.’s Royal Mint and also have a 2-GBP face value. They may be one-ounce coins, though they’re just .958 silver precious metal, compared to the standard .999 fine silver. 17 over the value of their metallic content-is too rich to make sure they are viable investments. What’s older Britannias haven’t appreciated by much, as the 2008 and 2009 coins are selling for the same price as the 2010s, and 2007s are only trading at a buck or two higher than the latest issues. Oh, boy, another cutesy pet coin!

Everyone adores kangaroos, but there are many problems with these coins. Most importantly, they aren’t even very cute-the design is very basic and features only the put together of a kangaroo. Secondly, they operate at a huge mark-up to the location price of silver-currently they’re offering for further than double the worthiness of their silver precious metal content. Kangaroos do come in limited mintages, not exceeding 20 usually,000. This cap on source stimulates demand and escalates the non-silver value of the cash. But, of course, that value can be ephemeral. Rather than buying around eight Kangaroos, you could buy a whole move of twenty common rounds.

When metallic skyrockets, the disparity between the two holdings will be tremendous. Most silver investors and collectors are opponents of America’s Federal Reserve and the central-banking institutions all over the world. We’re drawn to the thought of alternative currencies and subverting the various government monopolies on money. This is what Liberty Dollars about was all, as well as for challenging the Fed’s unlawful monopoly, Liberty Dollar’s founders were tossed in jail. And this is the Land of the Free? Metallic bugs are unanimously sympathetic to the Liberty Dollar almost, but this doesn’t make the cash a good investment. The Liberty Dollar strategy was to get magic (and silver) coinage into circulation by thwarting Gresham’s Law. Well, the plan didn’t work.