William Lane Craig's Evidence For God's Existence 2

William Lane Craig’s Evidence For God’s Existence

Popular Philosopher, Theist, and Christian Apologist William Street Craig provide five arguments for the lifetime of God usually. God is the best explanation for the foundation of the universe. Something (i.e. – the Universe) cannot come from nothing. From nothing, nothing comes. Not God can create a complete something from nothing at all. Therefore, something has existed. There is a before the “origin of the universe” Therefore, which translated, means the foundation of our Universe just. Our Universe is not the be-all-and-end-all of the Cosmos.

Anyway, since something has existed, there is absolutely no need for an inventor deity, a deity William Lane Craig calls “God”. William Lane Craig says that needs to be a First Cause, an uncaused cause, which can only come from God. However, he never declares how back that First Cause had to have been significantly. If, IMHO, no matter what lengths back you think an initial Cause must have been caused, you can of course extrapolate back ever further. That is clearly a practical definition of infinity.

It’s like thinking about the highest amount possible – then adding one to that! You can certainly do that an infinite number of times. To avoid temporal issues, Craig asserts without any logic or real proof that his uncaused cause was simultaneous using its effect – the foundation of our Universe. Alas, because of the restricting cosmic speed limit, the speed of light, there should be a temporal lag between a cause (unused or elsewhere) and its effect.

It’s within this section that Craig details his version of God as being uncaused, classic, spaceless, immaterial, with unfathomable power (omnipotent) and personal. God is Uncaused: To claim that God can be an uncaused being makes no real sense. If the designed (life, the Universe, and everything) must have a designer (as theists insist upon), then the designer in turn was created and must subsequently have a developer.

So who designed God? Further, if God is uncaused God is a being that has always been around then. But then to the Cosmos has always existed (because you can’t create something from the ground upwards, something has always existed). If both God and the Cosmos are uncaused and have always been around for all of infinity therefore, then there is no reason or need to even postulate the lifetime of God for which there is absolutely no evidence.

God serves no purpose as a inventor for the Cosmos (of which our Universe is but a component) had not been created. There’s at least evidence for the Cosmos existing and therefore the Cosmos is hardly an existing equivalent to your unseen ‘friend’ in the sky. Not just a hell of a complete great deal. The object in the photograph is in circumstances of suspended animation – frozen with time.

God is Spaceless: What on earth does this even suggest? Even immaterial abstract principles are properties of things that exist in space, even though the space itself can be an immaterial idea since space is just that nothingness container that somethings are defined as being in. Something cannot exist in a stateless state and presumably God is something even though Craig says that God is immaterial (see below). Any two things have a spatial romantic relationship inside the idea we call space. A good Cosmos that included only a very important factor in it can be considered spatial sense that object has a product and therefore has a 3-D framework. It occupies an area.

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Something immaterial however has no structure and no substance and thus occupies no space other than the immaterial only is available thanks to the living of physical items. Wetness doesn’t take up any space but nonetheless is available in space because water molecules exist in space. If God is immaterial Even, the idea of God resides inside the thoughts of spatially physical beings still.

God is available in space just as that wetness, Wednesday, the number three, and beauty ‘can be found’ in space. God is Immaterial: The question is, can something immaterial (i.e. – God, regarding Craig) totally exist beyond the material? IMHO, no, because the immaterial can be an emergent property that emerges out of the material.