Quit Shaming Me. A Letter From My Mama Heart 2

Quit Shaming Me. A Letter From My Mama Heart

Do you men remember that Unicorn drink from Starbucks? It had been levels of blue and red topped with whipped cream and sparkly sprinkles. It was pure fatty magical frothy goodness. One Saturday I was looking into at the grocery store with all three kids and the store clerk, a man probably in his 20’s, that day asked us what we were up to.

I stared blankly at him, blinking hard. Keep informing yourself that. Chip within my mama heart will ya away? Just this past week I’ve had in-depth conversations with my mom, my mom-in-law, and my neighbor (and good friend) about what I call “mom-shaming”. It really is happening all around me. It’s all because folks, parents, US!

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We don’t supply our kids nutritious food, they play too many video games, we don’t play enough table video games with them, we bribe them much too, we coddle them, or because they aren’t outside using enough. Full disclosure. You may already know, our young lady Ellie has Down symptoms. And there’s one particular rule which i break, and I break it hard.

I dare the writer to consider Ellie to a football game or a restaurant and ask her to sit down quietly. I can bring colouring books, toys, snacks, and even a leash (full disclosure, remember?) which lady shall not stick with us. In the world of Down syndrome this is named “bolting” and it’s really a real thing.

So I admit I let her watch her YouTube videos or play games on my telephone. We are lucky to live in Oregon. It is beautiful here, and when it’s not raining our children are from their bikes, on the trampoline, playing with the neighbors or building forts. Not unlike my childhood, really.

And if they are in the house, we are usually relaxing, watching a movie, day playing video games or talking about our. Nintendo addict. Because with sports activities, art, visits, work, and school, our life can be occupied fairly. THEREFORE I admit we don’t eat dinner across the dinner table each and every night. I given the boys mac-n-cheese with hot canines in it. I used to be tired, damn it. So, I’ve determined, I’ve made a stand in my overly exhausted mom-brain.