Is A Korean Skin-care Routine WELL WORTH It?

Is a Korean skin-care program well worth it? One of the hottest developments in makeup products is Korean products, which guarantee gorgeous pores and skin but come with a product-heavy, labor-intensive routine. It’s not uncommon for these routines to include 10 steps just to cleansing and moisturize the face – day and night. That’s at chances with an increase of minimalist American skin-care methods, which can be less than cleaning and moisturizing.

Further, many of these products include substances not commonly within Western skin care, like pearl substance, snail secretions or donkey dairy, to mention a few. So can be Korean makeup products living up to the hype? In general, skin-care professionals say there are a few good, high-quality products that can be helpful, but like other things, consumers should do just a little research before buying. Dr. Lauren Ploch, a board-certified skin doctor in private practice at the Georgia Epidermis and Dermatology Cancer tumor Center in Augusta, Ga., said the largest difference between Western and Korean cosmetics is the focus on “having clear skin first and most important.

Beauty is a huge business in Korea and is geared to both men and women. Because of this, makeup products companies invest intensely in research and development and have a great deal of products, said Rachel Weingarten, a beauty historian and former celebrity makeup artist who also consults for companies developing cosmetics. The first Korean products that came to the U.S. “BB lotions.” The lotions combine several products in a single, …


Sorry I haven’t made a post in a long time but I’ve been job hunting and that definitely used most of my time. But, that’s over and I was able to go to one of the best stores – Sephora – and grab some very nice stuff at a great bargain. I don’t like using the same products all of the time, even if I really like something.

I just get uninterested in the same stuff everyday. That’s why I’m always looking for new things even though I really do find something that works. So, I used to be ready to try a different skin care regimen and was really thinking about this Korres Brightening and Anti-Aging Rose Collection. 54 for 6 items! You get: Wild Rose Moisturizer, Wild Rose Serum, Wild Rose Mask, Rose Showergel, Rose Body Butter & Wild Rose Lip Butter.

  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter
  • Use Aloe Vera straight from your home-grown herb, or
  • 7 ounces butter softened at room temp
  • Taking lukewarm baths or showers
  • Minimize any facial blemishes, discolorations, wrinkles, scars

Everything smells great and they’re full of antioxidants from the rose bloom. I never understood roses got antioxidants in them. And, being Korres products, they’re all natural – which is excellent. All of the products also contain Vitamin C which is great for your skin since it increases radiance really , revitalizes and smooths out pores and skin consistency.

I have been using this for a couple weeks now and …