It Began In The 1960s 2

It Began In The 1960s

Late last year, Isabella mounted an advertising campaign to take his over-the-counter face care cream, Formula II Skin Care Cream, to another level. Isabella, 44, of the cream that has found a niche in private hospitals and among health care professionals for everything from dealing with diaper rash to dryness from radiation treatment. The story plot of Formula II is filled with business lessons — from build-a-better-mousetrap to don’t-get-too-comfy. Sam Isabella made a batch for the client and continued to combine up some cream for relatives and buddies.

“A lot of the sexist stuff about pageants has receded in the Valley,” said David Miller, president of the Granada Hills Chamber of Commerce. The 1989 Miss Northridge pageant drew 25 contestants and about 320 observers. All contestants needed to be between 17 and 24 years of age, solitary, without children and a citizen of the San Fernando Valley for at least six months. Resumes cannot include professional modeling or acting experience.

Most of the contestants were between 17 and 20, and their known reasons for getting into ranged from fulfilling girlhood dreams of glory to improving communication skills. As a young child, Lisa Horn, 18, a mature at Kennedy SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Granada Hills, used to view beauty pageants on television. She and her mom would jot down their evaluations and anticipate the winners.

“I wish to be exactly like Miss America,” Horn said during rehearsals. Horn’s wish faded during her one-minute talk to the audience. After her starting statement, Horn stumbled and lost her place. Backstage, after her performance, she sobbed. Quickly, the other contestants transferred directly to reassure her. Deborah Stern, last year’s Miss Northridge, who helped the women through all the rehearsals, informed Horn to focus on all of those other pageant.

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For other contestants, like Eileen Leiner, the wish had not been about winning. It had been about competing to begin with. “I’m because I am real insecure here,” said Leiner, 22, throughout a rehearsal. “You have no basic idea about how hard it is for me to go through this. Personally I think like I’m chubby. Getting in front of all those individuals in swimwear scares me.

But I already feel better about myself. Leiner, a teacher’s aide, didn’t complete in the final 10, but that didn’t seem to matter. “I belong here,” she said on Sunday. Christine Wagman said she got into the Miss Northridge competition to develop her speaking skills further. “I want to show people all I’ve got without being nervous,” Wagman said.