Posting Franked Mail 2

Posting Franked Mail

Your mail is certain to get to its destination quicker and with less handling if it’s prepared correctly. Common what to avoid are large letters being franked as letters or mail heading to international locations franked as if these were being delivered within the united kingdom. Below are a few of our top tips to help you Frank correctly first time, every time.

Remember to check on how big is your mail before your frank and teach new personnel and temporary leave cover on the different mail sizes. You will want to print the email sizes and put them by your franking machine? Learn about the different mail weights and sizes for both UK and International items.

Why not need independent trays for UK and international email? This can not only save you and your personnel time but will also help stop international mail reduce the pile being accidentally franked as UK mail too. Is your international mail correctly labeled? A couple of new requirements for sending mail internationally through a franking machine.

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has mandated that any international items containing goods must have a unique item identifier (known as a S10 barcode) attached. Our quick manuals and ‘how to’ videos here are designed to help you prepare your franked mail for posting. In case your item includes goods, make sure you add an S10 barcode label and the relevant traditions declaration form (CN22 or CN23). Your International Standard items are now ready for collection or shedding off at your neighborhood POSTOFFICE branch. Remember, you should use a white international pouch when handing over your International Standard mail for collection or to your local POSTOFFICE branch.

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If your item contains goods, be sure you add an S10 barcode label and the relevant traditions declaration form (CN22 or CN23). You can order air mail stickers, S10 barcode brands, CN22/23 traditions forms, and white international pouches from us cost-free, see Consumables. Each day Alternatively we can come and gather your outgoing mail from your premises. We offer regular or one-off collections.

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