Her Point Was Simple 2

Her Point Was Simple

Sometimes if you are in a meeting someone says something amazing, I needed that experience today when someone said ‘We have a unwell body, can we please stop pretending everyone is a physician’. Her point was simple, historically in the business they experienced challenges of people having opinions and critically of decisions being made without data and whose execution success isn’t monitored.

This approach also offers another aspect which relates to comments and problems to recommended practices. The idea here is that Architectural decisions need to be defensible predicated on data, even if as it happens to be wrong that gives you the ability to learn. Proven techniques with justifiable approaches that are measurable against a couple of criteria are what experts should strive to do. Advisors who promote strategies and cannot demonstrate their success and moreover how others have followed their strategy and delivered success should be treated the way a Homeopath is treated by the medical job.

I haven’t any objection to the term that coding is an art not just a science, that it is an innovative endeavor not simply mechanistic. That is fine, but unlike art its success is quantifiable, it works as meaning or it does not either. What I object to is people promoting architectural approaches (or indeed business approaches) which are based on some powerpoints and opinions challenging real support evidence of Homeopathy. These Homeopaths toss in comments predicated on this ignorance and personal ‘perception’ and disrupt progress and love to claim that ‘it could have been better my way’ while not explaining in detail what their way really could have entailed.

Anything that may be a possible risk should be mentioned right down to prevent a hazard taking place and harming anyone in the department. Conditions that are included: spillage of chemicals or substances, hand bags not under desks, cables/cables next to electricity plugs and water, smashed equipment, damage caused by falling off the seat, infestation of insects, electrocution, intake of dangerous chemicals and chemicals. That is to certify that your observation was through and every hazard was determined accurately and correctly. Spillage of chemicals and chemicals- a chemical or chemical could have built and this could cause a personal injury as someone may slip over it.

Intake of dangerous chemicals and substances- if the correct equipment isn’t worn correctly anyone could take in through e.g. a harmful chemical or chemical. Tripping over wires- wires may have never been positioned back correctly. An infestation of bugs- the doors or windows might have been left open and insects could have got in and created a nest. Electrocution- if a wire/cable touches water or an electricity outlet this will cause an electric shock. Causing uses up- the Bunsen burners are extremely dangerous and if not managed correctly someone could burn off themselves. Room catch on fireplace- if a Bunsen burner isn’t used correctly, the area could catch on fire.

Stabbing on equipment- if not handled correctly, someone could stab themselves on the razor-sharp equipment. Smashing equipment- if not dealt with correctly, equipment could smash and go all over the classroom. Falling off a seat- the technology department chairs don’t have a back in it and they’re quite definitely not the ground compared to normal classroom seats.

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Tripping over hand bags- bags might not be placed under the tables and someone could trip. This may be managed by making sure all spillage is immediately solved ensuring the floor is not moist or slippy. Should this happen, a teacher should be produced aware off it immediately to ensure everybody else avoids that area for the time being until it is cleansed.

This can be handled by wearing protective googles every time an experiment happens or is proven. This could be managed by ensuring all wires/cables are positioned in their correct labeled draws immediately after use back. Also, all wires should be continued the tables to avoid tripping over them. When the class isn’t being utilized, the doors and windows should be shut to avoid bugs to arrive. Also, no drink or food is allowed in the technology classrooms. If water must be outside drunk they can go.

This will be managed by making sure no water or chemical substance is near an electricity socket. If water needs to be near one for any reason, they should be along with a science technician. This could be managed by only using the Bunsen burner on the safe fire which isn’t flammable and cannot cause the room to catch burning. This can be managed by ensuring all equipment comes back correctly in their labeled drawers and are handled correctly.