The Hit Squads Actions Have Shown 2

The Hit Squads Actions Have Shown

Secret offers have been struck with the larger PH companies as they inched their way into working alongside Licensed Taxi radio circuits. Not content with just nourishing them the careers they couldn’t cover, greedy planks resorted to selling leading pre-booked work. Early morning pre-booked airports have been sold off wholesale to PH for only a small amount the price of a Mars Bar. The largest radio Taxicab fleet has been bought out lock barrel and stock, by one of Europe’s biggest PH and transport providers.

The substantial investment of over 30 years from licensed Taxi motorists lost forever. The trade has fought back again on many occasions, but without support from our licensing authority, local councils, and the police, it has been impossible to make a dent in the touts modus operandi. The invention of the smartphone app has revolutionized the real way, the public can now hail a Taxi. No more sitting on street corners at night, in the cold, in the torrential rain. Just click on the telephone and within minutes a Taxi is knocking on the door.

With a reputed 12-13,000 drivers registered to these apps the Taxi trade is competing with and beating private hire without doubt. Rumor has it, a certain very large minicab operator has terminated its fleets upgrade until further notice, solely because of the quantity of work the ongoing company has lost to the apps. This is an ongoing battle and we are winning big style. FOR THE NON BELIEVERS NOW. Some drivers don’t want to get associated with online booking apps under any circumstances. That’s their prerogative and we should respect that. But if this trade is to endure the assault from PH, they need to a change the way they work even.

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LTPH appear only too please to collect the extra revenue from the substantial upsurge in PH drivers and satellite television offices, but seem to pull their feet when it comes to enforcement of the conditions of licensing. THE Combat was leading with the TAG HIT SQUAD BACK. Just before Christmas, the drivers of the Tag Hit Squad reformed as soon as again, are showing just how forward. Volunteers are taking huge chunks of work back, right under the noses of touts at Swallow Street, Novikov, Mincing and Abacus Lane. Even at Dover Street, we are pushing the touts off the wine bar rank. Soon this group will have sufficient drivers to expand to other clubs and bars and offer regular, reliable service.

The Hit-Squads actions show, if you put yourselves completely view at the exits, the public will (nine times out of ten) take a real taxi instead of an overpriced scab. Instead of drive around in circles, wasting fuel, moaning that there surely is no work, come and interact with the fun and placed on a rolling rank in search engines for a few minutes.

You’ll be surprised at the grade of work that comes out of the bars and restaurants. These touts are being beaten by us at their own game and pushing them back again, away from the exits. That’s where the ongoing work is, this is where we will have our victories. All you have to do, is go out there and take it back again. Using these ranks again can only just add to the success we’ve already seen at Nobu, Coventry Street, and Charing Cross Road. Drivers using online applications have seen their takings significantly improve. With the help of the Tag hit Squad Now, so could you.