Assessment Of Fitness 2

Assessment Of Fitness

It is clear that we now have many ways to evaluate the different aspects of fitness. When evaluating fitness, the explanation for doing the test should be considered. Thus fitness assessment should be specific to the particular aspect being measured, to the population being studied, and to the reasons why these are tested. The next discussion supplements this material and focuses this issue of fitness assessment more specifically on health status implications.

The way I really do it, is fast for 16 hours and fit my food into an 8 hour stretch out. It isn’t as hard as I thought it might be. I’m hungry on a regular basis normally, therefore I thought why eat something if I’m still going to be starving? I skip breakfast but have espresso, eating my first food at 1:00 p.m.

December acquired it’s challenges, I did so have Christmas cookies and wine, but my clothes are feeling better. I’m going to continue for man, and after the 31st (my 45th!?!? birthday) I’ll reassess and find out my next step. My goals for 2017? Then add more adventure! A vacation to the Outer Banks made me miss living by the beach so much, it prompted Mike and me to essentially think about where we want to be in the next 10 -15 years. I’m shutting out 2016 with a new sense of optimism and hope for the New Year. I hope to be always a good Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, and Daughter. I am thankful for my world and all it contains.

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To answer that question, I’d need to know why I am training. One big reason is health, and for that purpose, 4 to 6 MAF test rides a week could not be a much better training plan, at least according to the medical establishment. The other is usually to be ready for more interesting rides as they promote themselves. Unfortunately, I do not know what interesting rides I am apt to be doing currently, to answer that relevant question, I have to look backwards. To time, I have effectively completed two brevets, one in 2012, one in 2013. I had not discovered MAF Tests in 2012, so these were not part of my preparation for that trip.

By 2013, MAF Tests were the most typical ride I did so in planning for my brevet. When you have managed to get this into the post much, you may think me a humorless, unpleasant person, operating and around the Rice Track around, monitoring my heart rate and overlooking my children and friends.

What about fun rides and operating with my partner? Not to be concerned, I will never pass up a fun trip for a MAF Test, and I ride with my wife whenever and wherever she enjoys. One of the main reasons I ride so many MAF Tests, and that I trip them on the Rice Track is basically because it is on the path to my wife’s work.

We leave the house together each day, she continues to work, and I turn off to the track to get in my daily workout. When we can manage a fun ride, we do; nothing at all would please me more than to have my MAF Test trips displaced by beautiful rides through the countryside.

While I await that to happen, however, my MAF Test rides keep me healthy and fit. See you at the monitor! Ride from your home to the Rice Track as for a MAF test. Ride a quarter-hour at MAF Test velocity. Then ride 6 laps as fast as I could, ride at MAF Test rate for just two laps, and do it again for a total of three times.