Bad Makeup: Mistakes That Make You Look Sloppy 2

Bad Makeup: Mistakes That Make You Look Sloppy

Avoid these common makeup moves for a far more polished look. “No matter how clean your hands are, you’ll have oils on your fingers,” says Elena Creazzo, a San Diego-based makeup designer. When these natural oils can get on your cheeks, your makeup could end up looking streaky. She recommends utilizing a blush or sponge-like applicator to blend your primer and foundation. Your lower lashes could get unsightly clumps if you don’t wipe the brush before applying mascara, says Lindsay Gonzales, San Diego-based makeup artist. “If you do get clumps on your lower lashes, you may take your pointer thumb and finger, and pinch before they’re dry to take away the clump,” she says.

Here’s an awesome trick to squeeze more mascara from a nearly empty tube. “The prep is almost as important as the actual makeup,” Creazzo says. Overdoing moisturizer or serums you apply before your makeup could give that person a melty appearance after a couple hours, she says. A small amount of product is all you need Just, and your makeup will stay in place better. These are the morning skin-care routines of people with great skin.

She would rather perish. But she did not want to hurt the feelings of 1 who, in the end, have been kind to her. And she appreciated too that she owed it her own life as well as her father’s. BEAUTY: My apologies, but I can’t say yes. BEAST: I quite understand.

And I’m not offended from your refusal. NARRATOR: Life went on as usual. Day Then one, the Beast provided Beauty a magic mirror. BEAUTY: Oh, thank you for this present. ONCE I look into the mirror I can see my family, away far. BEAST: You won’t feel so lonely now.

NARRATOR: Beauty stared all night at her faraway family. Then she started to feel worried. One day, she was found by the Beast crying next to the magic mirror. BEAUTY: My dad is very sick. Oh, could wish I possibly could again see him, before it’s too past due. BEAST: No, You will never leave this castle!

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BEAUTY: Oh, please. I need to see him! BEAST: Well, In the event that you guarantee that you will return in a week time here, I’ll let you call on your father. BEAUTY: I swear I am going to. You are so kind. I am so happy! BEAST: The carriage is ready, you can leave immediately. BEAUTY: I will be back in a week. BEAST: And I will be looking forward to you.

NARRATOR: Beauty still left the castle immediately. As as her father saw her soon, he recovered. ALBERT: Oh Beauty, I have missed you so much. BEAUTY: Me too, father. ALBERT: It’s all my mistake. BEAUTY: No, don’t say that. My life is not that horrible. I spend many wonderful hours with the beast. I am treated by him so kind. He´s good if you ask me.

ALBERT: You make me feel much better now. I sensed so guilty for what I did so to you, leaving you there in that castle with that terrible beast! BEAUTY: I am here with you now, and I’ll look after you until you get well. ALBERT: I love you. BEAUTY: I really like you too, father.