Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stain 2

Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stain

I hadn’t dipped my feet into Hourglass, a brand name I needed to be seen repeatedly at Sephora. I was afraid it might be one of those teenybopper brands – without knowing anything about it. Then, I read favorable reviews of Hourglass makeup by Gaia in the Non-Blonde, so I started browsing at Sephora.

I finally bought my first Hourglass piece, and I’m happy with it! 45) is a water-based stain that provides cheeks refined lit-from-within shine. The lightweight hydrating cheek stain creates a radiant, all day long natural color that lasts. Its click mechanism dispenses the perfect amount of product for convenient on-the-go application. The first time I used it, I clicked and clicked and clicked – I began to wonder if Sephora experienced sent me a dud.

Then the color made an appearance in the spongy applicator, leaving me a little relieved I didn’t have something to return. I needed to enjoy it. Aura Sheer Cheek Stain comes in three shades: Flush (berry-red), Petal (peachy red), and Rouge (smooth plum). Each of them appeared fairly in the little swatches, but I had been purchased and conservative only Get rid of, the one that appeared the most perfect for my complexion.

When the merchandise clicked its way into the applicator, I was fearful that the swatches were off-base suddenly. It looked strawberry with a hint of coral! While strawberry is a berry (remember, berry pink), I was expecting something just a little different, but what I expected was almost precisely what I saw on my skin when the cheek was applied by me stain. Here’s a swatch photo. I applied a little circle on my arm, using not only the applicator but my finger to even out the color just a tad.

It’s a messy swatch, but it is thought by me shows the color well. I took my photo indoors in sunlight. Since there is a little amount of coral/peach in the color, it’s a pretty pink that’ll be wearable by gals with different pores and skin tones. I can wear it with my pale epidermis, and I think it’s going to be perfect on medium-toned epidermis also.

I think it’s fabulous. I’d like to observe how Rouge works on my pores and skin, but that must wait for a trip to Sephora. For the present time, I’m happy with my purchase, and I have Gaia to give thanks to for unknowingly prompting me to try Hourglass. If you would like to read about the brand and its own founder, Carisa Janes, check out this Sephora link. You can buy Hourglass Aura Sheer Cheek Stain at Sephora and Apothica.

Update 2/6: Here is a second picture. The sparkly appearance in the picture above which one is due to sunlight, not the cheek stain. The reflection in this picture is a less extreme because the picture was taken indoors during sunrise little. The cheek stain is very natural rather than whatsoever sparkly. Unfortunately, the color isn’t true in this second picture. Flush is not this peachy. Update 2/6: I have been clueless about Hourglass! I uncovered they have their own website just, where you can buy their makeup products. Their little swatches of the cheek stain may be much better than Sephora.

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