Mixing Makeup For The Webcam 2

Mixing Makeup For The Webcam

Some of the self-styled “beauty gurus” count thousands of YouTube clients, and their five- to 10-tiny videos can each get as many as 100,000 hits. Some dream of following the paths blazed by two early YouTube cosmetologists, Michelle Phan and Karen Zander, who parlayed popular how-to makeup videos into profitable sponsorship offers.

Retailers have responded with inexpensive products that young consumers can modify. 4.29) for a more-customized look, says Janine Coppola, senior marketing director of Pacific World Corp., making the relative series. 1.50) to encourage mixing, says Linda Chang, mature marketing supervisor. 1 eyes shadow with Vaseline to make gel eyeliner. Chloe says she plans to create her subscriber foundation by making more do-it-yourself videos aimed at audiences who often can’t afford to buy make-up.

Chloe says she knows her audience keeps growing. Cloe says. Her latest concoction is lip jelly created from honey, Vaseline, and pink eye shadow. Directions: Combine mica powder, arrowroot natural powder, and magnesium stearate in a bowl. Mix until consistency even is. Let sit for 5 minutes. Add Castor mix and oil until uniformity is even.

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Scoop combination into attention shadow container and pat level. Some junior cosmetologists have jaded views about high-priced makeup products. 19. The product-a light basis to keep eyes shadow from creasing-is needed for her beauty program, but she says she can’t afford it. So she makes her own using body and concealer lotion.

Another favorite is make-up clean cleaner manufactured from shampoo, conditioner, and isopropyl alcohol. She actually is perfecting a pumpkin nose and mouth mask for Halloween. Katy Wilhelm, 17, created pore-cleansing whitening strips out of egg whites and tissue to help eliminate blackheads (her YouTube video shows a close-up of the used tissues). 8 Deep-Cleansing Pore Strips. Previous generations were too obedient in their beauty routines, she says. Sarah Jones, 13, is defining to show her makeup into a small business when she starts offering her products on her own website this month.

She has been testing out her own concoctions for foundation bases and primers in hopes of selling a long-lasting version similar to 1 from MAC Makeup products. Directions: Scoop out eye shadow onto paper dish with toothpick. Add equivalent part Vaseline with spoon. Continue mixing up with a spoon, until it is well blended on the plate. Scoop into a small box. Sarai (pronounced sa-RAY). She has nutrient-pressed natural powder and blush in the ongoing works. Sarah says her mom has allowed her to wear light cosmetics since sixth grade.

Sarai says. She sometimes still browses through her mother’s makeup for inspiration. Directions: Mix Vaseline and honey on the paper plate. Add food coloring and pigment. Stir to get a thick, even consistency. Use toothpick to scrape product into the jar. Editor’s Note: Never adjust old cosmetics. Use clean storage containers and tools to avoid contamination. Homemade products can easily spoil. DIYcosmetics has set up a sponsorship relationship with Sarah Jones, providing some products for her videos. Recently, Ms. Midkiff says, she’s noted an uptick in moms buying materials for DIY makeup parties.