The Women's Organisation 2

The Women’s Organisation

Victoria is Pleased with the Impact! Although nobody in her family had walked the path of self-employment before, something inside Liverpool resident Victoria Symes informed her this was an adventure she wanted to attempt. She stated “I wanted to set up my very own enterprise as I am keen about making a distinction to society and felt I had a lot to supply. Fundraising Victoria labored within the fundraising and growth groups of various organisations together with the University of Liverpool, the British Film Institute and the Science Museum, London.

Victoria heard that native women’s enterprise support company The Women’s Organisation might offer help to ladies in Liverpool who have been trying to set up a enterprise, and decided to strategy the organisation for some help. “Initially I discovered the concept of setting up my own enterprise really daunting” said Victoria. “I was fortunate in that a lead for my first work came in by way of suggestions, however my next step was to develop a marketing strategy and advertising and marketing strategy to help me set up my business. Although I’m used to advising organisations on making the most of what they’ve I struggled to search out the confidence to advertise myself and actually did not know where to start!

I think a number of girls struggle with this. Victoria has now launched her enterprise Impact! Fundraising which offers fundraising consultancy to charities, Higher Education and the arts sector. She can even assist organisations develop strategic plans and put together funding bids to maximise their earnings from philanthropy, charitable trusts, firms and public sector funders.

For begin-up corporations Impact! Fundraising offer help securing funding from the general public and charitable sector. Speaking of her progress so far Victoria mentioned “I’ve been overwhelmed with the response so far and receive common enquiries from new potential purchasers which has been actually thrilling. I don’t want to take this as a right although so I’m continuing to work exhausting at developing the business. If you have an interest to find out how Impact!

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