Do You Want To Monetize Your Blog? 2

Do You Want To Monetize Your Blog?

Do you want to build your own stock photography website where you keep all of the sales revenue? Would you like to protect your high-res images from thieves? Do you want to monetize your site? Sell Media is a new WordPress plugin which allows one to sell, license, and protect images, videos, audio files, and PDF’s from your website straight. Now you can run your entire business directly out of WordPress with no need for expensive and confusing alternative party systems.

About 10 a few months ago I opined my frustrations with the condition of selling mass media online. If you are a professional photographer or creative professional seeking to sell your images, video, or audio online, you’ll likely talk about my sentiment. Lots of the hosted solutions on the market are expensive, confusing, or bloated with features that focus on “edge cases” that 99.9% of people don’t need.

Not to say, you more than likely maintain 3 or 4 different websites (blog, stock portfolio, e-commerce) merely to run your business online. The Cell was built by us Media plugin to make selling mass media that you publish into WordPress deceased simple. You can create your own stock photography website, stock video website, sell sound files, PDF’s, and other documents. Basically, when you can publish it into WordPress, you can sell it.

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Check out the video overview below. Watch more video lessons for Sell Media here. The Sell Media plugin is largely focused on solving issues facing creatives seeking to sell their images, video, audio, etc. online. Stock photography website – Build a stock photography website in a few clicks. Sell images that you publish into WordPress.

Assign different permit types (commercial, personal, etc) to boost the price of the image download. Sell reprints of images that you publish into WordPress. Our soon-to-be-released reprint extensions will automate printing fulfillment or allow your to print and ship the image reprints yourself (self-fulfillment). Stock video website – Sell stock video documents that you upload into WordPress.

Assign different license types (commercial, personal, etc) to increase the price of the video download. Audio marketplace – Sell sound files directly from your website. You can Assign different license types (commercial, personal, etc) to increase the price of the audio download. Document downloading – Sell document (pdf, doc) downloading in a few clicks.