Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel 2

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel

This is the Clarins Gorgeous Getaways Coffret (or gift set for you and me). I then found out after Xmas that this retails for £40 as it was in the John Lewis deal for £20 (I acquired another one, naturally). I’ve hardly ever really been enticed towards Clarins as a brand name before and I always connect it with skincare for elderly ladies and for reasons unknown air hostesses (it must be all the red).

However, I’m all about opening my thought process which is the next Clarins product I’ve used (the first being this little gem). The first product I decided to use from the surprise was the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. Please, do remember that my pipe is not full size, it’s the travel-size version.

  • Shaving lotion
  • Dab the facial skin dry carefully
  • Makeup not included

I was designed to post this review up last night but I acquired waylaid watching Family Guy and then Pulp Fiction. I woke up this morning and checked some blogs out and discovered that Sirvinya experienced recently have the gel as a surprise with purchase (GWP). Anyway, onto the review.

How did it fare with me at night? Is the “unique structure” just an ingenious marketing ploy? Check out the tactile hands and decide.And because it’s packed in a pipe, it’s perfect for traveling. Was my epidermis left sense clean and velvety delicate? Yes. Achieved it feels supple? My dermis is lovely supple anyway therefore I can’t comment on this. Yes, it’s the first cleanser/makeup remover I’ve possibly used which undergoes three phases. However, I did use it when I was wearing a sheer foundation alone, a thicker basis and blusher and it cleaned my skin at fine times. Could it be as great as the words suggest really? The product isn’t without its problems.

Firstly, you have to employ a reasonable bit of each time, I’ve only used mine about 4/5 times and the days it’s worked well best are when I’ve been large with it. However, this also means that there isn’t a lot left. If you need to apply a fair bit, it takes a fair whilst getting the dairy off your face. When I clean my face I’ve it in the kitchen sink and I hate looking in the reflection because water trickles down my chin and throat. You have to be quite consistent in getting the milk off.

The full-size version doesn’t look to be cost effective to me, you should employ a fair piece and the entire sized version isn’t cheap invest this into consideration. If the purchase price was reduced, I’d contemplate it. I’m a lazy mare and the process of getting the “milk” off your faces takes a while, especially as it appears to jam on the sides of your nostril and under your vision. The fact that you have to apply a fair bit to be able to get truly clean doesn’t take a seat well with me at night.