Lesson 2: Network Hardware 2

Lesson 2: Network Hardware

A hub is a rectangular package that is used as the central object which computer systems and other devices are linked. To create this possible, a hub has small openings called slots. Although this shows up with 4 ports, depending on its type, a hub can be equipped with 4, 5, 12, or more ports. When configuring it, you connect an RJ-45 cable from the network card of a computer to one port of the hub.

In most cases for a home-based or a little business network, you may not need (or shouldn’t use) a hub. Just like a hub, a router is another type of device that acts as the central point among computers and other devices that are part of a network. A router functions just a little in a different way when compared to a hub.

In fact, a router can be viewed as a little “intelligent” than the hub. Such as a hub, the computer systems and other devices are connected to a router using network wires. To make this possible, a router has holes, called slots, in the back. Predicated on advances in the previous years from IEEE and other research or organizations companies, there are wireless routers.

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With this kind, the computer systems and devices connect to the router using microwaves (no physical cable). To be able to hook up to a network, a computer must be outfitted with a network was called by a device credit card. A network card, or a network adapter, called a network interface card also, or NIC allows some type of computer to connect to the surface.

If you get a computer in one of these popular stores or big companies on the web, the majority of their computer systems have a network card ready and examined. You can reliably use it. If you visit a store that sells or manufactures computers, you can ask them to install or make sure that the computer has a network card.

If you have a computer that doesn’t have a network credit card, you can set up one. If you have a computer that has a network cards already, you can still replace it. regarding their installation, there are roughly two types of network cards: internal and external. What this card looks like may not be particularly important and it could depend on the maker however, many of its aspects are especially important. To start out, there are two types of credit cards and you need to know which one is appropriate (or that you want to use) for your personal computer. One kind of NICs uses a peripheral element interconnect (PCI) connection. Another type uses industry-standard architecture (ISA).

There are two main ways you replace an interior network card. Generally, you will take away the card your computer has and use a new one already. In a few other cases, you are only going to put in a new card nevertheless, you cannot replace the existing one since it is part of the motherboard.