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Smart Skin Care

Aging and its own effects on a person’s facial appearance can be a hard tablet to swallow for some, but with a non-surgical facelift, a younger appearance is possible through research…and without pain. A non-surgical facelift procedure was created to improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged pores and skin through products clinically formulated to induce epidermal exfoliation, increase epidermal pores, and skin cell growth, restore epidermal enzyme increase and activity collagen synthesis and dermal glycoproteins.

The results – minimal pain and downtime, improved skin structure and tightness, improved skin color, lightening of brown spots, decreased pore size and a decrease in the looks of fine lines and lines and wrinkles. It’s important to truly have a general understanding of how the skin grows and the fact it has a normal peeling process called exfoliation to be able to understand the science behind the non-surgical facelift.

  • Apply any treatment product, like a topical ointment corticosteroid cream or other prescription cream
  • Dr. Adrian Yong Sze Wai
  • Tropical Cacao Detox Mask
  • Leaders Perfect Clearing Foam
  • “We should embrace pain and burn off it as energy for our journey”. — Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933)

The non-surgical facelift produces an immediate improvement in the skin’s appearance on several levels. Plus, the application of the non-surgical facelift on a regular basis actually produces a regenerating effect. It’s been experimentally shown that regular removal of the external layers of the stratum corneum stimulates cell proliferation in the cellular layers of the skin. Once makeup is removed, the facial skin is cleansed with Rx System’s Reparative Cleanser. The reparative cleanser was created to remove dead skin cells, dirt, oil, sweat, bacteria, and other skin impurities.

Rx System’s Clarifying Toner, which contains a advanced glypoic complex in a proprietary-developed oil decrease solution clinically, is then applied. The toner’s formulation works to reduce abnormal sebum secretion, eliminate abnormal keratinization, and modify the pH of the skin, increasing the benefit of the glycolic acid peel. The Rx System’s Glycolic Peel (provided in salons) is utilized on the facial skin and neck, is preventing the eyesight area and re-applied to specific areas of harm.

The Glycolic Peel produces a deeper skin exfoliation, which intensifies the penetration and scientific effects of the enzymes and antioxidants in the Enzyme Organic Peel. Following the Peel is applied, Rx System’s Neutralizer is generously sprayed on the face to neutralize the glycolic acid peel and change the pH of the skin to enhance the effect of the enzyme complex peel. To prepare for the next phase, Rx System’s Neutralizer is applied a second time, raising the pH of the skin. At this true point, moistened gauze is placed together with the wet epidermis.

Rx System’s Enzyme Complex Treatment (provided in salons) is spread within the gauze, including the upper lip and around the eyes completely within the face and neck. The Enzyme Complex is a mixture of natural lipases and proteases in high concentration mimicking normal epidermal enzymes, restoring normal epidermal enzyme enhancing and activity normal skin exfoliation and skin cell growth. Rx System’s Rejuvenating Facial Firming Mask is applied to the real face, the neck of the guitar and attention area like the top lip and around the optical eye. This Mask is scientifically advanced with natural soluble collagen and glycoproteins in a proprietary aloe vera, fragrance-free base.

It supplies the ultimate firming advantages to improve complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rx System’s Reparative Lip Gel continues on and around the lip area and Rx System’s Reparative Eye Gel can be used on the brow bone, crow’s at and under the optical attention. Both products penetrate deep into the epidermis to lessen the looks of fine wrinkles and lines. Our process can be used in a variety of combinations to take benefit of the synergistic ramifications of their scientifically advanced ingredients and clinical benefits. Your skin is the first line of defense against growing older. This non-surgical facelift, used regularly, can offer immediate improvement and have you looking fantastic.

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