14. What Is The License Period? 2

14. What Is The License Period?

Do you acknowledge walk-ins? Licensing applications are prepared on the “first-in/first-out” basis. Therefore, the Licensing Bureau will accept but cannot immediately review or service walk-in applications. Persons who wish to drop off a credit card application may do so at the reception desk on the 8th floor of the Commission’s office at 20 West State Street, Trenton, NJ.

If there can be a mistake or a question about the application, you’ll be notified within ten (10) business times. Candidates ought not to CALL THE Percentage DURING THIS TIME PERIOD. Depending upon the volume of work pending during the Commission’s receipt of it, the processing of a complete and correct application related to a salesperson or broker/salesperson license may take from two to four weeks.

Applications related to broker licenses (singular proprietors, business entities and agents of record) are usually prepared within two (2) weeks. 2. How soon after passing the real estate exam must I apply for the issuance of my initial license? All candidates must apply for the issuance of their preliminary license WITHIN ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF COMPLETING THE REAL ESTATE PRELICENSURE COURSE.

3. What is the task for transferring my license to another broker? Licensees in Inactive/Terminated Status may transfer to a new broker. 25-transfer charges may be paid via e-check or company credit card. Or, the licensee and new broker of record may submit a paper transfer application. The paper method will need longer than the electronic method and can delay your transfer.

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4. How do I establish my own real estate company? 5. How do I obtain a license qualification or license history? 50.00 for a permit history (Personal inspections are not appropriate. 6. I recently relocated my office. What does the Commission require? An apparent change Of Address form must be completed. All licenses must be returned accompanied by an appropriate fee. 7. How do you change my name on my permit?

All licensees must be certified in their legal titles. The “Application for Reinstatement/Transfer/Name Change” is situated in the real estate section of the Applications and Forms section of the DOBI website. Please, complete the correct indication and software it is making use of your new name. Please, attach a copy of your marriage certificate, a legal document from the court that states you might change your name legally, or a copy of your divorce decree bearing the County Clerk’s seal.

If you send a copy of your divorce decree, the first web page of the decree and the web page that state you might job application your previous name is required. 50 name change fees via a broker’s business check, money order, or certified check made payable to the “State Treasurer of New Jersey”. Following the change has been coming into the Real Estate Licensing database, the new name is viewable on the Licensee Search. You must be a certified salesperson in New Jersey and have proved helpful as such on a full-time basis under the direction of a broker for the 3 full years immediately preceding software. You need to take 150 hours of broker prelicensure education.