Escalating The Frequent Flyer: US Airways 40,000 Miles Credit Card Sign 2

Escalating The Frequent Flyer: US Airways 40,000 Miles Credit Card Sign

Newly minted oneworld member US Airways has been at it recently with their new 40k miles credit card sign-up bonus, which is awarded after the first purchase by making use of your card. Year 89 annual fee is NOT waived for the first. 10k miles towards elite status. 12 months Using the merger planned to be fully implemented by early next, the Barclays cards’ times are numbered as AA has stated that they’re going with Citi.

So now would be a good time to sign-up for these cards as these miles will be merged with your AA is. US Airways’ brand promo appears to be their quarterly 100% bonus miles sale, where you can buy award kilometers for only 1.88 cents each. Month Although US Airways meticulously devalued their award chart right away with no warning last, they still have extraordinary redemption rates.

564 plus taxes and fees (30k mls), which really is a steal considering that you can take a flight on CX’s flatbed biz product. 1,504), which is by far the best offer on the marketplace. Add that to the known fact that you get a free of charge stopover possibly even in North America, buying miles for the sole reason for flying in a premium cabin could be cheaper than buying a discounted economy class ticket. Be on the lookout for swift devaluations in the near future, so buy is only as needed. Buy miles from May 3rd until May 25th, 2014, and get right up to a 100% bonus – up to 50,000 kilometers.

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US Airways still bears the best mileage purchasing promos, and these deals probably won’t survive the merger. If you’ve always been thinking of this trip in superior class to Asia or Europe this summer, this would be your ticket to discover the best value then. The Barclays card for sure won’t outlast the merger, so mooch those miles when you can still, because chances are that we’ve got rough waters ahead with devaluations and stripped benefits.

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