You must have gotten a sync cable with your iPod touch. You connect one end into the iPod and the other into some type of computer. After that, you sync music and such on iTunes. You need to install iTunes to synchronize your iPod. Is it possible to get CDs onto your ipod touch? Yes, you can. You must import your CDs into iTunes and synchronize with your ipod touch. How do you start your new iPod touch? You have to download Itunes onto your computer first before you do something else. You then just connect the ipod to the computer, the tracks are put by you into the itunes library and synchronize your ipod device and TA DA.

What in the event you do with the first charge on my ipod touch? Leave it on charge for 3-4 hours and do not disconnect it or switch off your computer throughout that time. Also don’t synchronize it through the 3-4-hour period. Why was the iPod Touch named the ipod touch? Well, because it is an iPod, and they have a touch-display screen. How exactly to get an iPod with another iPod?

You cannot test another ipod touch with your ipod touch. The iPod Touch can only go to phones. Will ipod touch 4g case fit iPod Touch 3g? What is a touch-screen iPod other than the ipod touch? There are currently four types of iPods with a touch display: the ipod touch, the iPhone, the iPad, and the ipod nano multi-touch.

Can you operate in your ipod touch 2g to get the iPod Touch 3g? 2g is lesser value. What iPod is the closest to the iPod touch? The closest iPod to the iPod Touch is the iPhone. It really is thought by me is the Wi-Fi iPad, because it can be as large iPod Touch just.

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Answer: There really isn’t an iPod that is like the ipod itouch. Where is the speaker on the old iPod touch? Speakers were launched in the iPod Touch lineup with the 2nd generation iPod Touch. The 1st generation iPod Touch does not have an external loudspeaker. What era of iPod touch is the best? The iPod Touch 3rd generation is the best era of iPod Touch. How will you get QuickTime on ipod touch? Sadly, you are unable to get Quicktime on the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch will play most quicktime movies, but you cannot install quicktime on the iPod Touch. If you’re thinking of buying an iPod should you buy an iPod Nano or iPod touch? Pod Pouch ipod touch is preferable to the Nano, because it has anything the Nano has and more. If you’re thinking of buying an iPod buy an iPod Touch.

Your ipod touch 8gb charger port not supplying capacity to your ipod touch what do you do? What do you need to charge an ipod touch? Can you get apps on your tiny iPod touch how do you do it? Is the ipod touch exactly like the iPod touch 4?