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Future Of CIO

From every mountainside, let independence band! And if America is usually to be a great nation, this must become true. However, in today’s global environment, the world becomes ever more sophisticate and uncertain than, how to broaden Dr. King’s wish into the global space and explore the ethnic intelligence to produce a tranquility in the world?

Dr. King’s fantasy deeper in to the next level, unite the best of talent, and develop the diversified leadership to speed up the development from Great Recession? Day Listed below are seven thought-provoking points of view in this special. In the first decade of the 21st century, we’ve experienced the internet bubble and bust, the war and Great Recession, also experienced both “irrational exuberance” and “unusually uncertainty”. It’s a lost decade for most white-class households, small to large businesses, the legendary sectors (such as flight, auto, and bank) and the USA as the most powerful nation in the world.

It’s a stall point of America Dream, how achieved it happen, what can we learn from it and any kind of opportunities to revive American Dream? It’s a center point for Americans to remain focus and lead growth out of recession. “We refuse to believe that the lender of justice is bankrupt. In the first decade of 21st hundred years, the world changed from US-centric into the multi-polar; the economic engine has switched from Western developed countries into Eastern developing countries.

But in many perspectives, America continues to be a great country on the hill: the democratic system, the innovative systems, the best colleges and the most diversified people in the global world. Chlamydia point of the new generation of leaders: they must have the global footprint, worldwide strategy, and vision, the differential voice for those without a voice, and deliver the worthiness and result beyond the quick ROI. It takes a decade to craft and master a Spanish and culture.

Culture cleverness is a tactical needed for any forward-looking companies, since multi-cultural perspectives are similar to wider-angle lens to look out of the future than a crystal ball. Within the last decade, the globalization, the entrepreneurship, and the internet & sociable technology had already reached their top and talked about the significant impact on human’s life and global culture.

The inflection point is to converge the cutting-edge technology with the global business understanding and landscape, to provide the next era of leadership, to create the learning business framework, and also to reach both specific and company’s potential. The very best education not only express and spread the knowledge, more importantly, it will build-up the content of the personality, the value of justice instill, and train the solid self-motivation and self-discipline, and the trained educators are the sole technical engineers.

America has many high-quality universities, but K-12 education has lagged behind from a great many other countries. Especially the STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematics), What exactly are the reason behind the scenes? •Is it like the failed leadership 20th century’s education system is more about US centric, keep the learning students’ self-satisfaction than self-motivation? •Is it because those college dropout technology titans may inspire the innovation and unconventional success but also cause the side-effect such as 30% senior high school dropout rate?

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•Is it lack of influential role model to motivate more ladies to going after the technology major and more? The news about Mr. Today Steve Job’s medical leave became the very best headline in virtually all the press route, Steve’s “Sell the fantasy”, and “fantasy bigger” inspire the world with the advancement. Both men with big dreams, both Dr. King and Steve’s dreams help advance the human society with the various perspective. May 2011 end up being the turning indicate lift Dr. King’s fantasy into the new level: to encourage the diversified leadership, to produce enough profession opportunities for those hard-working Americans, and reach human’s potential.

My great-grandfather’s stubbornness has survived four years, so that as a proud descendant, I needed to rebel. My classmates knew of my family and explained I would be considered a journalist always, too. Their cajoling drove me crazy; no one tells me what to do. Besides, my children survived the Great Recession, but I knew print was crumbling.