GALACTIC NEWS: October 2019 2

GALACTIC NEWS: October 2019

WILL ALL AMERICANS DIE? We’ve a powderkeg situation where America, Canada, and Mexico could all potentially die because of the environmentalists and our idiot in the White House Obama. Americans. Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the charged power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, leading to a nuclear accident on March 11, 2011. All three cores melted in the first three days generally.

And this situation also is a deadly comment on the U.S. Congress acting unconcerned for 2 1/2 years while this example starts to inject American food with high amounts of radiation poisoning as some reviews have indicated. So with a do nothing at all in the White House and an unconcerned U.S.

Congress, we’d better take action before maybe this goes completely and eliminates off the American people, Canadians and Mexicans, or maybe even the majority of mankind on earth. And heavy radiation poisoning also caused many to die of such as cancer. 2013 VERSION OF THE OMNI LAW (OMNIBUS CIVIL RIGHTS ACT FOR AMERICA) Released by NIFI, P.O. My survey “Yes, God Exists!

” can change the tide for Christianity if forced by the Christians and their churches. The atheists do not know how to answer the medical proofs I take advantage of displaying that God is present for real and only the fool remains an atheist when confronted with such overwhelming evidence from research.

What difference does moral ideals make in the American overall economy? 1 trillion or more yearly in lower income by having experienced prayer and the Bible outlawed from the general public universities of America. 1 trillion or even more smaller in size to sell to annually because of outlawing prayer and the Bible from the public colleges of America.

This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world. Actions are being done now to revive our world. Watch and be AWARE! “James Madison Father of the U.S. Constitution, mentioned that the U.S. Constitution and all other law in the us must follow the supreme expert of the nationwide small (American Declaration of Independence) founding America in 1776 or else not be valid regulation or even federal government in America.

Therefore, the American people always keep last legal power over all nationwide government in America whether to leave it intact, amend it, or abolish it entirely changing it with approved new federal government created by authority of the American people. We therefore authorize the creation of ten civil tribunes for America with the same basic examined legal powers as possessed by the wisely created ancient civil tribunes of Rome. They will protect the people from tyranny in rules whether legislative, judicial, or executive. They will be elected for four years instead of the one year under Roman law. They will hold referendums to create national law by states of by the original tribes of Rome instead.

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The first 10 civil tribunes will be appointed for four years by the National Institute For Inventors to keep any corrupt market leaders from undermining and sabotaging the start of this new branch of authorities. End of suggested Omni Law. One Leader authorized into regulation a 37 phrase legislation once. As the Bill of Rights show, you don’t have to write massive laws to deliver powerful legal messages. The civil tribune angle held the Roman Republic honest for a number of century basically.

This office needed to be subverted and overthrown to return the Roman Republic to corrupt authorities such as Wash., D.C. This Omni Law is written in the nature of Thomas Jefferson who during the American Revolution of 1776 announced, “Resistance to tyranny is compliance to God! Will All AMERICANS DIE!

Although Mazda is beginning to expose CarPlay and Android Auto, the technologies’ continued absence is a ongoing sore spot if you would like for connecting your mobile phone to your system. While the display is touch sensitive, almost all the touch settings are locked out after the car is on the road, so you’ll find yourself primarily using the “Commander Control” knob instead. McLaren’s vehicles use a 7-inches, vertically focused touchscreen running software called Iris. As well as the touch controls, there’s also buttons in the bottom of the display and a rotary knob for interacting with the system.