Architect Design: 10/14/18 2

Architect Design: 10/14/18

This upcoming weekend I’m helping to sponsor a home tour in Baltimore for our local section of the ICAA which I’ve made a decision to name Private Classical Baltimore. Read here for just a little information concerning this tour, which I’m so excited for! The tour begins at the Homewood Mansion on the Johns Hopkins University campus. Designed and Built by Charles Carroll Jr. for his family in 1801, the house has a Palladian 5-part plan.

While planning and massed in the Georgian design of enough time, it uses Federal-style detailing reflecting the influences of Robert Adam. The flatter details seen here differentiate the federal government style from the English Georgian style and this is considered among the best federal examples in the united states. Lunch will be offered within the tour in your garden, weather permitting. After lunchtime the tour will progress to 2 beautiful historic houses in the Homeland neighborhood. The stone house seen here was created by Palmer & Lamdin in 1928. They were the preeminent home architects in Baltimore between the pugilative wars.

Edward Palmer was an 1899 graduated of Johns Hopkins and in the 1903 class of the University of Pennsylvania college of architecture. In 1920 William Lamdin joined his office after departing the firm of Wyatt & Nolting. This brick beauty above was created by Laurence Hall Fowler in 1930. Fowler graduated from both Johns Hopkins and Columbia before departing for Paris in 1904 to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Located in Guilford the next house on the tour was created by John Russell Pope in 1916, known as Charlcote. Created for James Swan Frick the brick house has cypress timber trim colored to resemble rock on the exterior (image top of post).

The interior has been amazingly embellished by Mona Hajj and has been released multiple times. The renovation work has been done over the years by a sponsor of the tour, Winchester Construction. The final stop on the tour will be at a flat in the historic Warrington Apartments embellished by Mona Hajj and renovated by Winchester where sticktails will be offered following the tour. I hope to see a lot of you at this delicious tour of Private Classical Baltimore (tickets may be purchased HERE).

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